Our 12 Stress-Free New Year’s Resolutions for You to Try in 2021

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

These mindful resolutions and strategies are easy to try and will help you achieve more — without the anxiety.

For so many of us, the excitement of the new year also brings anxiety about following through on our resolutions. This year, we want you to leave that stress behind so that you can focus on what’s most important...doing more in 2021.

We asked our community to share the worry-free intentions they’re committing to this year. We’re sharing smart, simple strategies for doing more of what you enjoy — and letting go of what you don’t — to improve your sense of calm, happiness, purpose, and overall well-being. Which ones will you add to your list?

Prioritize “me” time

Take the time to listen to your needs and prioritize yourself this coming year.

Have fun with your resolutions

I saw this on Twitter: “I will sprinkle compliments and uplifting words everywhere I go.” The word ‘sprinkle’ caught my heart. You just can’t be uptight when you use that word. It’s fun — especially when applied to my resolutions

Appreciate the little moments

Make a resolution to note and reflect on the good things — the reasons you smiled each day. It can be little or small. That way, by the end of 2021, you can look back and remember even the small things that brought you joy, which normally float away from memory as soon as you focus on deadlines

Be intentional

My resolution for 2021 is the same as for 2020: to be responsible for and intentional with the energy I bring to each and every situation in my life. Because how we show up dictates our experiences and our own happiness.

Make your resolution a part of who you are

This year I’m going to be a person with new habits, not just do new habits. Being effectively established by working on the ‘identity’ level, not the ‘goals’ or ‘process’ level. So to illustrate, with reference to my thought of trying to run more regularly, I’m not going to think about running once a week to lose five pounds (goal) or just planning to run three miles through the woods (process) — I’m going to think of myself as a person who runs regularly (identity).”

Practice patience

My focus for 2021 will be to strengthen the muscle of waiting; I want to get better at giving space to ‘incubation’ and find joy in the hard work that entrepreneurship entails. My goal is to stay and accept the pace of life and what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Anticipate the excitement of the outcome

Reframe, if needed, to resolve to make your dreams come true; do not punish yourself with stressful things to do. The new year is a time to dream about your deepest desires and how these could become your reality. There is something magical about daring to think about how you could make your dreams come true and making plans to get started on the journey. Even if you have a stressful and daunting goal ahead, such as passing a major exam, remind yourself why you are doing it. What do you want to get out of it? Give yourself permission to get excited about how good it will feel to be on the other side of that obstacle.

Simplify your words

There are several things I say too much and they are, basically, unnecessary sentence fillers. Or even worse, I use them as commas or periods while I figure out what to say next: ‘Um,’ ‘you know,’ ‘like’ – many of us use these too often. There are many more, um, but you know, basically, I can’t think of them all right now. This year I want to listen to what I’m saying more and eliminate these silly words and phrases from my everyday language. Like, I want to, um, speak correctly and basically stop using repetitive sentence crutches, you know, to get my point across. The only part of this New Year’s resolution that will be stressful is not cringing when I hear others do the same thing.

Leave worry and judgment behind

This year I’m throwing resolutions out the window. Really! They don’t really work anyhow, because the literal meaning of a resolution is a decision or an act of problem solving. Decisions and problems are dynamic; they never end and are always present. In 2021 I’m making something more resolute than a resolution — a commitment to living life in more flow with less worry, judgment, and expectation. I’m surrendering the need to know, control, and attempt to bully the universe with my will. Hello 2021 — I’m coming after you gently with fierce grace!

Write yourself a letter

Avoid setting ‘resolutions’ because they are fleeting and rooted in what many of us think we should be doing instead of what’s actually right for us. Now, I set goals. This year, I added something new: I wrote a letter to the version of myself I want to be at the end of 2021. I wrote as if all the things I wished for the year and the visions I have for myself and my business came true. Upon finishing the letter, I could feel excitement and hope radiating from my core. I also had great clarity on the steps to take as soon as the first week of January to bring those visions to life!

Commit to taking care of yourself

Many of us scramble to create resolutions that slowly fade away after a few weeks. This year I encourage you to make a resolution to yourself to help you alleviate some of the stress in your life. Take more time for yourself, and create a self-care practice that refuels you and gives you more energy. It can be as simple as meditating first thing in the morning, spending more time in nature, or treating yourself to a relaxing bubble bath at the end of your day. Let’s start 2021 by taking care of yourself first!

Invite more good into your life

Instead of making resolutions, I’ve decided to welcome the things I want more of into my life. For 2021, I’m inviting myself to experience more kindness, love, health, joy, wholeness, and compassion. Resolutions often seem to be about the things we think are ‘wrong’ with us, like our weight or productivity. I want to start the new year from a place that says there’s nothing wrong with me, but here’s what I could use more of in my life!

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